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America’s Addiction Problem

Recently, the amount of article published about the American drug addiction problem is growing, and the public is becoming more aware of the problem and the cause.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), healthcare providers wrote 259 million prescriptions during the 2012 calendar year.  That’s enough prescriptions for every adult American to receive a bottle of prescription medicine.

The National Center for Health Statics reported that in 2014, the number of overdose deaths related to legal opioid drugs jumped to 18,893.  That’s a 16.8% increase!!  Heroin overdose related deaths climbed ever more.   In 2014, 10574 people lost their lives because of a heroin overdose.  That’s a 28% increase!!

This drastic increase is cause many, who are addicted to opioid-based drugs are switching to Heroin because it is widely available and cheaper than opioid drugs.

Addicive Medicine

All in all 2014 with 47,055 deaths related to drug overdoses continues an alarming growth trend that is 7% greater that it was in 2013.

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In many cased opioid-based drugs are prescribed by doctors simply because alternatives.  Yes.  There are alternatives!!

Are not covered by insurance and as such are not accessible to their patients.   Any once concerned about addition and who has chronic pain should talk to their doctor about compound pain medicine, where chronic pain in treated with topical solutions that are effective and non-addictive.

If you are interested in discussion non-addictive medicine alternatives, we recommend you explore the products offered by Florida Pharmacy Solutions and the results they have achieved.


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Merry Christmas 2015

Your Sociallity team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Health New Year.

We appreciate all the wonderful feedback we have received and the stories of how we have been able to help. Most importantly, we are looking forward to 2016 where we may help even more families.

As always we that you are allowing us to help and hope you will tell all your friends and families to join our community in the upcoming year.


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Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Arrested

In the early hours of Thursday, December 17, 2015, Martin Shkreli, the Chief Executive Officer of Turing Pharmaceuticals was arrested on Fraud Charges.

Martin Shkreli, best known for taking control over a drug used to help and treat AIDS patients both young and old.   Shortly after acquiring the company, Mr. Shkreli announced an unprecedented price increase from $13.50 per to pill to $750 per pill, and publically stating that he should, in fact, have increased the cost even more.

This drastic price increase makes it impossible for many, who don’t have great insurance, to get the medicine needed to treat their illness.

He is a great example of what’s wrong with today’s healthcare industry, but the problem is far greatly than Mr. Shkreli.

Read the full article here….


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Earning Interest

Increased Interested Does Not Mean Increased Consumer Savings

On Wednesday, December 16th, 2015 the Federal Reserve increased interested for the fist time in a very long time.   Increasing interest rates is generally bad news for everyone who is borrowing money because their money payment increases as the federal reserve increased the interest rates.

Since the interest rates have not been raised in nearly a decade, many borrowers are experiencing such an increase for the very first time and the are surely not too excited about payment more interest.

However, the everyone who is not borrowing money and who has been saving money, an increase in the federal interest rates has, in the past, been a positive thing.

Bigger Interest Earning on Bank Savings

One would expect that the banks who all immediate increased the interest rates they pass on to everyone who is borrowing money from them, to protect their margins.   Most of these banks also made it very clear that they would not increase the interest rates on money they hold from their customer who saves money.

That means that we who give the banks our money so they can use the deposits to make loans that they, in turn, make interest, will continue to earn zero or virtually zero interest on the money we have saved.

Feder Reserve Interest Rate Changed From 0.25% to 0.50%

Although the change was very minor, it would be nice so see the consumer being rewarded for savings money and depositing such savings into banks who ultimately profit greatly from these deposits.

Unfortunately, Banks don’t have to appreciate their customers and reward them for saving money.  In today’s world, they make billions simply charging fees to their costumers.  Fees the NSF (No Sufficient Funds) fees that could easily be avoided have become a huge portion of bank profits and they, because of “fees”, do no longer need to reward their customers for saving money.


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Do You Have Health Coverage While Traveling

Getting care can be complex when traveling

Many of us don’t realize that we don’t have health insurance coverage if we travel and should one of our family members get sick while away from home, it not only interrupt the vacation, but it can be much more expensive than being sick and home.

Naturally, when we take a much-needed family vacation, the last thing we think about is what we would do if one of our loved ones gets sick while we are traveling.

In today’s world, it is something we should most definitely think about, though.   A family member getting sick, needing a prescription refilled, or breaking a tooth while traveling, will not only make for a wrinkle in the planned fun activities but take a chunk of your travel budget.

Are you leaving your network coverage?

Our insurance carriers establish coverage rates, deductible rates, and co-pay rates based on their “in-network” and “out-of-network” rules. That means that you pay more for everything, that you have a higher deductible on everything, and you have a higher co-pay on everything.

It also means that you probably don’t know where to get care and the chore of finding a qualified doctor to make a simple prescription that can be filled locally can be challenging.

Can Tele-Medicine or Tele-Health help?

For non-urgent care events like colds, the flu, rashes and other such illnesses, a consultation with a doctor who is licensed is the state you a visiting is all you need.   Today, we have access to thousands of physicians who are board certified and are available via a phone or video conference consultation.

With Tele-Health, you don’t have to go to a doctor office, be exposed to ever more germs from other sick patients, and pay a $150 just to see a doctor who will prescribe needed medicine that may be filled at a local pharmacy.

To learn more about the value and benefits on Tele-Medicine simply visit the Sociallity Tele-Heath page, or explore the AccessNow program and learn how the program can help your family save money at home as well.


Keep Exercising In The Winter

Stay Health

It is getting that time of year again when it is cold outside, and we can easily find an excuse to skip the planned run or outdoor exercise.

Although it is easy to find a reason not to get out there, the benefits of exercising in cold weather are actually much greater than when exercising when it’s warm outside.

Simply being outside in the cold air increases your endorphin levels, and when exercising that spike.

Plus, when you run in cold weather, your pace is quicker, and you cover more ground is less time.  Most importantly, a faster pace also means you burn more calories.

So … Don’t look for an excuse.  Face that cold, get on your winter gear, stay healthy and burn even more calories!!



Insurance Deductibles Increase

There is no question that we are living in a time where we are individuals and families are forced to take responsibility of our healthcare expenses.

In a recent article written by businessinsurance.com, it is outlined how the Department of Health and Human Services is proposing further increases to employees self-pay deductible amounts.

Having high-deductible insurance simply means that we as consumers have to be smart about how we get care and ensure that we get the highest quality care for a fair price.    This can be challenging, but with the AccessNow program offered by Sociallity you have the tools to take on that responsibility for your family.

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Helping A Sick Child Get Better

Tele-Medicine For Sick Kids

If you are a parent, you have more than like had the heart-wrenching experience of having your child fight the flu or cold and the over the counter medicines are just not working.

After days of fighting thru sleepless nights and trying the wide range of over-the-counter medications and alternative medicine options available, your child is simply not feeling better.

You know it’s time to get an antibiotic prescribed, so the lingering cold won’t cause permanent damage or trigger even worse illnesses.  But going to the doctor involves