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Today someone died of an overdose. A death that could have been avoided. One linked to medicines with names like Percoset or Oxycodone….names which promise a pain-free existence but deliver death in their wake. The CDC has declared prescription pill addiction an epidemic, like the Black Plague.

We need to all play a part in finding a solution. Sociallity is stepping up and offering information about alternatives to addictive medicine. If you or a loved one wants to find out more contact us. We can help.

Sociallity and our partners have helped hundreds of thousands of people already find better solutions to dealing with chronic pain, solutions that don’t require addiction. Contact us for information, don’t become another statistic.

What’s Your Likelihood Of Becoming Addicted

It is truly amazing how much data and research has been gathered around the subject of Opioid Pill addiction.  How many of us are at risk and how quickly and easily doctors prescribe such highly addictive medicine.

CDC - 45% of Heroin Users Were Addiction to OpioidsCDC - Commenily Used Addictive Medicines

The impact a simple prescription doctors prescribe because insurance companies won’t pay for alternatives are staggering.


CDC - Likelyhood Of Becomming Heroin AddictedPrint

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Pain Pill Advertising | Look Into The Future

This is an incredible video showing how the makers of Opioid Pain Pill makers were misleading the doctors and consumers with their commercials in 1996.  Then again demonstration that its ok to take Opioid based pain medications long terms with a follow-up commercial in 1998 with the same six patients….   Finally, the truth is revealed 15 years later.

Definitely a must watch video.