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Cost Of Healthcare Skyrockets When You Travel

The cost of healthcare is probably the last thing on your mind when you plan a vacation or take a business trip, but planning ahead just a little can save you time and money if anyone in your travel party gets sick.

Leaving Your Insurance Approved Network

Well, when we take a trip, we generally leave home and with that we also leave our approved coverage area.  This means, that if we need to get any type of healthcare products and service, it may not be available to us, and it will most certainly be much more expensive than we at home.

Generally, our deductible doubles, if not triples when getting care outside your approved home service area, and the same goes for the co-pays and self-pay portions of needed care or products.

In same cases, we can’t even get prescriptions filled without incurring 100% of the retail price, even if it’s for a prescription medicine we simply forgot to fill before leaving home, or was unintentionally left behind in a hotel room.

Unwelcome Vacation or Travel Interruption

Catching the flu or any other type of virus when traveling makes being sick far worse.

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Do You Have Health Coverage While Traveling

Getting care can be complex when traveling

Many of us don’t realize that we don’t have health insurance coverage if we travel and should one of our family members get sick while away from home, it not only interrupt the vacation, but it can be much more expensive than being sick and home.

Naturally, when we take a much-needed family vacation, the last thing we think about is what we would do if one of our loved ones gets sick while we are traveling.

In today’s world, it is something we should most definitely think about, though.   A family member getting sick, needing a prescription refilled, or breaking a tooth while traveling, will not only make for a wrinkle in the planned fun activities but take a chunk of your travel budget.

Are you leaving your network coverage?

Our insurance carriers establish coverage rates, deductible rates, and co-pay rates based on their “in-network” and “out-of-network” rules. That means that you pay more for everything, that you have a higher deductible on everything, and you have a higher co-pay on everything.

It also means that you probably don’t know where to get care and the chore of finding a qualified doctor to make a simple prescription that can be filled locally can be challenging.

Can Tele-Medicine or Tele-Health help?

For non-urgent care events like colds, the flu, rashes and other such illnesses, a consultation with a doctor who is licensed is the state you a visiting is all you need.   Today, we have access to thousands of physicians who are board certified and are available via a phone or video conference consultation.

With Tele-Health, you don’t have to go to a doctor office, be exposed to ever more germs from other sick patients, and pay a $150 just to see a doctor who will prescribe needed medicine that may be filled at a local pharmacy.

To learn more about the value and benefits on Tele-Medicine simply visit the Sociallity Tele-Heath page, or explore the AccessNow program and learn how the program can help your family save money at home as well.