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Obama Asks For $1 Billion To Help America Fight Opioid Pill Addictions

We are facing an addiction problem of epic proportion in America and its killing over 28,000 Americans a year.  In 2014, more American’s died from a drug overdose than motor vehicle crashes and the trend is growing at an alarming rate.

Prescription medicine is a huge business here in the US and American spend 300 billion a year on prescription medicine.  Doctors quickly prescript highly addictive Opioid based medicine to patients who experience paid or who had a treatment that results in pain.   Often doctors prescribe these dangerously addictive medications because the are effective and one hopes that the patient does not become addicted.   Other times, it is the only type of medication that patients insurance will actually pay for.

Many insurance companies are no longer paying for alternative pain treatments and medication, leaving the doctor to who viable alternative.

The addictive nature of Opioids is scary

CDC - Likelyhood Of Becomming Heroin Addicted

This is truly an epidemic that we must address

The chart published by the CDC speaks for its self, but it is worth mentioning how many people end up taking Heroin and ultimately dying from an overdose.

There are thousands of examples that have a simple common treat.

A person has an accident, dental procedure, of even simply cosmetic procedure and is prescribed a pain medication to cope with the pain.

Commenily Used Addictive MedicinesOpioid based medications possess the same characteristics as Heroin, except that it is produced my a pharmaceutical company in a high controlled environment.  It other words, the dosage and effect are consistent.   The patient quickly becomes addicted and get more prescriptions and increase the number of pills the take.   Once a patient can no longer obtain prescriptions for the needed pills they quickly learn that getting the natural version of Opioid medications, i.e. Heroin is much cheaper and many make the switch.

This is very dangerous road many have traveled and that is killing tens of thousands of Americans each year.

If you are interested in learning more about Opioid, their addictive nature, watch videos or explore non-addictive treatment alternatives to talk to your doctor about visit the Sociallity Transdermal Treatment portal.

A more detailed report on Obama’s request for funding can be viewed on CNBC.

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